10 Psychology of Painted Colors in Tree and Leaves

Everywhere we look, we see colors. They show themselves in many ways. Its maybe on objects, representations or in our interpretation of it. This blog tells about 10 colors which are on trees and leaves, of  its psychological effect, meaning and use.



courtesy of digital phopography via wordpress.com



This is an orange leaf lies on a grassy ground. The once green leaf turns orange, as it stands out the rich grassy ground. This looks like the sight of nearing fall.

In our daily lives, the orange color has its meaning. The color is a strong sight, as it can represent happiness or aggressiveness. Orange can be seen as happiness because of its strong looking sight. In a fire, orange is colors it. Fire can represent anger with its strong display. Orange is used as waiting in traffic lights or in darkness a illuminating light for the post that says ‘men at work’.




Beautiful Red Leaf Wallpaper HD Wallpaper

Courtesy of jomblo2  via hdwallcomp.com

2. RED

Rich red leaves on a tree, dominants the grassy land and the water.  This picture is a desktop background. The chemicals in the leaves, turn them red. But I honestly don’t know if this even real, because I have not seen this kind of tree.

Red has its meanings. It can represent anger, or love. Red is a strong color as it is one of the primary colors. Love is symbolized by red in the image of a heart or in roses. We can also be stopped by red in signs of warnings. Anger is associated with red by its nature of a firm look. This can also represent pain, in a ‘pain meter scale’. We ourselves hold red within us in our blood. So this color shades our daily life, by blending with others.




Spruce Trees Green Forest (click to view)

Courtesy of spruce green trees forest via bhmpics.com


Also one of the primary colors, green colors majority of living plants. This picture is of spruce trees in a forest. The green here stands out in the fog.

Green is a beautiful color. As what I have heard, green is a calm color. Based on my experience, nature is a peaceful sight, and nature is made of majority green colors. In hospitals, green is used as curtains, which I believe is meant to calm patients. If we were to see green in moods, ironically, green is seen as sickness. I think colors are amazing because their meaning or representations are very understood in strange ways.




yellow leaves tree facebook cover

Courtesy of coverbooth.com


The sunny bright color shines even when dying it out. In this picture, the leaves of the trees are yellow. From being green, the leaves are yellow to welcome fall.

Yellow is a bright color, of happiness, youth and positivity. When I think of yellow, I think a the joy in a child’s days. Seeing this bright color can bring a warm feeling, and brighten things. Yellow stand out in dark colors. A beautiful way to begin a day, is to see the sun, a bright yellow color over head.




Courtesy of  blogs.lt.vt.edu


The clear blue water holds a flowing leaf in the middle of it. The water reflects a pink image from above, while keeping its sky blue look dominant.

Blue is a fine color, and is also calm to look at especially the sky blue one. Sadness is associated with it, thus the mood is called blue too. Blue is one of my favorite color because it looks peaceful. Just like other colors, blue has its opposite meaning. These are sadness and calmness when seen in the sky.




Courtesy of vicki via  nazarethhouseap.org


In the picture, a bare tree is tries to be visible in blackness, with the tiny sight of the moon. Here, black kind of looks scary because of its emptiness and at the same time looks beautiful in its endless.

Black is accompanied by gloominess and fear. I can relate that black is kind of fearful. Maybe we all can, because in complete darkness, we can not see anything. In days when we our down, when all days are lost, black can represent despair. This sad despair color is like being lost in darkness where you can not be found. Darkness surrounds you; black color surrounds you. On the other hand, black can be used to look cool, like when models use jet black leather jackets or black sunglasses. From being helpless, fashion can lighten black up.




Cherry Blossoms , Sakura in Japan

Courtesy of Kate Sloane via blogs.otago.ac.nz


The soft pink of cherry blossoms fill the trees on the sides of a pathway. This blissful color lightens the picture, delightfully. Cherry blossoms here greets spring in Yokohama.

By thinking of pink, I think of ‘girly things’. In my perspective, pink lights up a girl’s day. To the blush on the cheeks of a girl, and to their favorite item colored in pink. Being a little girl, I wasn’t found of pink when I was younger, because I didn’t really like the idea of being girly. But now, I don’t really mind, because I use pink stuff for a change in my look. The mood for pink is like having butterflies in your tummies, before it turns red which is like the maximum of the feeling.




Courtesy of Deborah Simon via takegreatpictures.com



The picture depicts tall trees in the nearing season of fall. Brown in this picture is the tree barks and the ground soil. This is nearing the season of fall.

Brown is a dull color. It is my favorite colors, because it is dull and looks kind of stationary. I like this dullness because in someway, I am kind of a dull, like not knowing fashion or being negative person. It looks stationary to me in ways that it is not a found looking accessory. I like this moods in brown because it stands out in its own way. And it tastes good in chocolate!




Courtesy of 174332 via nature.desktopnexus.com


The tree holds a light shade purple leaves in its branches, in a fine looking day. When I first saw this picture, I thought purple leaves don’t exist. But when I did a little research, turns out the the pigment in leaves has other colors. (Go to link to learn more http://www.livescience.com/39145-why-are-plants-purple.html ) I don’t know what kind of tree this is, but it is beautiful.

Purple is one of my favorite colors. It is a nice blend of red and blue. In some cartoonic illustrations, purple is used to show a sick face. In reality, a human dead body turns purple because of the loss of oxygen. The beauty of purple blends well when associated with black to represent villains like the famous Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. To me, purple is kind of dull. If it were to be undull, violet would be it, which is a light shade of purple.




Courtesy of Bloondieyooper via flicker.com

The winter season has come . It steals the look in the picture, by wrapping its white color all over it.

White is considered purity. For me, white is like a completely plain shade of something. It can lighten purple to become violet, red to become pink and black to be gray, and so on. The spotless sight of it is cleanliness gives its purity. A white light can guide you in darkness, therefore clearing out the fear of blackness.



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