My PhotoShop Activities with Words






1. Statement picture about yourself

This is a picture of me and a description of how I describe myself. I got the line “Far too young to die” from Panic! at the Disco‘s song with the same title. I used a US sized paper. And then I used the text tool five times making 3 layers. I used using three different fonts, black in color because it matched the statement in an emo sense.

For the words To Die, I used the T and put it behind my left arm, using the lasso tool. I only put a little part, because the shadow of my arm covered it and the contrast my not show the word well. With the lasso tool, I made a copy of my left arm for another layer, and I placed this layer over the T.

The description “I wanna rock because I’m far too young to die” means to live crazy. The I wanna rock refers to my music genre; rock! The “I’m far too young to die” is my favorite line in Panic! at the Disco‘s song. I want to express how I want to live to the fullest knowing that I am reaching adulthood. When I turned 18 last year, I felt like I wanted to be young again.

After doing this activity, I am not happy with this picture. I feel like I can do better by following the dos and don’ts for typography.

2. Quote picture


ahamedkabeer_activity2 (2)


My second activity picture is to come up with a quote or get from the line of your favorite song, and make a statement picture. My line is “My Dream is to fly over the rainbow” from the song Rise Up by Yves Larock.

For this picture, I used the text tool, and hexagonal tool. I used the text tool five times. I made dream bold and the other words normal. I changed the sizes of the words to emphasize the main message; dream and rainbow. To extend the d and r, I used the hexagonal tool, to create and emphasize again on the key words.

The reason I chose this song line is because I used to listen to it before when I was younger. And then the song sparked recently. I like the singer’s accent in the song and the beat. For the picture, I decided to choose a child running with a kite, because playing with a kite is fun, it like you want to fly with the kite. The positivity to aim high like the kite is like the chosen line of the song. I also wanted to express here that I should aim high to reach my dreams. So thus my dream is to fly over the rainbow can match the meaning of flying like a kite.

My realizations here is that I am very happy that the outcome is beautiful, compared to the picture of me and the statement. The black font matched the sunset picture. The san serif font is great here that it gives a light feeling, if I am to compare it with a serif fonts, it makes it more formal. Overall I am happy that this picture looks and came out great.


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