Color Theory and My Color Harmony Paintings

1. Color Wheel



The color wheel is the mixture of the primary colors; red, yellow and blue, to form secondary and tertiary colors, as the tints go inward and the shades go outward. This benefits to make good color combinations. As a communication student, the color wheel can help me in several ways. In the field of digital art, I can make remarkable outputs by learning the color harmony. If I were to make visual aids like powerpoint presentations, the fonts can blend well with the background with the help of the color wheel combination. Even to dress-up, the color wheel can guide me to look smart and to feel confident.


2. Horses In the Countryside


For this painting, I used the warm and cool color scheme, toned down. For the cool colors I used blue for the sky, and for the warm colors I used brown (toned orange) and toned green. The artwork is inspired by two movies. 2002’s Spirit: Stallion of Cinarrom and 2013’s Scary Movie 5, where Mama is bribing Lilly to go with her by showing her a flat screen TV with a horse in a countryside. My artwork is meant to give people the peaceful look of the countryside with the absence of modern technology. The toned warm colors is to give the natural scene of a countryside; the dirty brown and dirty green land, and the blue sky to lighten the day.


3. Flower on Water


The color scheme I used here is complementary scheme, which is using colors that are opposite each other. I used blue and orange and tints of blue and shades of orange as assets.  My painting is to about how a single piece is a vast mass can catch your eye. In this case, the orange flower afloat the water. The color assets; white and shades of orange is to highlight the attention to the flower. The white to emphasize the placing of the flower in the middle of water. My artwork is to show how a flower – complementary to its surrounding, pops or grabs your attention.


4. Woman Walks her Dog


This painting and the color wheel are the only paintings I did by looking at another picture. The color scheme is analogous using the the orange, red-orange, yellow, dark shades of orange, and black as assets. This artworks shows a sophisticated woman walking her dog at the evening in a park. The origin of this picture is digital art, which I randomly found online. The meaning of this picture to me is that despite the time, anyone can look sophisticated, elegant, skinny and carry along a partner to add to the touch of her look. I really like this picture that is why I chose to paint it. It took me 4 hours to accomplish. I concentrated to details like the background, and her skinny hands.


After doing this activity, I learned that color combination is very beneficial to our daily activities. I am not an artsy person, and learning the color wheel and color harmony can help me to do better visual looks in appearance and fashion.



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