5 Image File Formats

1. JPEG.

Public pool water. Pasonanca
Public pool water. Pasonanca


Courtesy of Panic! at the Disco wallpapers

JPEG file image formats is one of the basic of its kind. The abbreviation means Joint Photographic Experts Group. It is one image option of the size and compression for your picture’s properties. JPEG is well recognized by the worldwide web. Its purpose is to compress the images in a continuous photographic image tone.

industry standard for compressing continuous tone photographic images

for the world wild web or for limited space (Courtesy of Cedrick Zabala)

Majority of pictures uploaded are jpeg form. It is the one of the basic picture formats for cellphones, digi-cams, DSLRs, etc. Its purpose is to display pictures in a simple form.

2. PNG

Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via eclass.adzu.edu.ph
Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via eclass.adzu.edu.ph


Portable Network Graphics otherwise abbreviated as PNG, is a raster graphics file format supporting lossless data in a limited size. PNGs do not have a background. It was created for GIFs. On the internet, PNG formats is the most used lossless image compression.

3. GIF



GIF is another image file format which is moving. In other words it is for video display at dial up modem speeds. It abbreviated from Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs can be improved by the use of PNGs for its improvement. These are used to display a short moving picture.

4. TIF

Courtesy of softicons.com
Courtesy of softicons.com
Courtesy of fotolia.com
Courtesy of fotolia.com

TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. Since they are considered high quality, TIFFs are best used for commercial work. TIFFs do not have lossless like JPEG formats. … “TIF is the most versatile, except that web pages don’t show TIF files. For other purposes however, TIF does most of anything you might want, from 1-bit to 48-bit color, RGB, CMYK, LAB, or Indexed color….” (http://www.scantips.com/basics09.html)

5. RAW

via iconarchive.com
via iconarchive.com

RAW file formats are not fully developed. …” Camera RAW files are very important of course, but RAW files must be processed to regular formats (JPG, TIF, etc) to be viewable and usable in any way. However, the point is that RAW offers substantial benefit in doing that. …” (http://www.scantips.com/basics09.html)


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