Visual Identity Branding: Chrysalis- anti aging skin care

  1. What is this project about?

The project is about creating a logo for a company using symbols to represent its purpose with research. Given a scratch of basic concept for our logo, we had to make something out of it. My group came up with Chrysalis, an anti aging skin care. We were supposed to defend our logo and company especially at the logo. This is because the logo says a lot about the company. So we used feminity as our main element for the logo.

This project aims to practice the students to make visual identity branding. Since the human mind can remember symbols. Once they see it, they would know what it is. It is our requirement to make a logo that has an identity, with symbolism in it. This will help build the logo’s look and identity.

Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
  1. How did you come up with the design?

Based on our proximity and timeliness, we were confident with Chrysalis. As beginners, we decided to stick with this idea. Feminity with anti aging is easier to put together than with masculine. So anti aging skin care was perfect to make our target as women. In my opinion they are often indulged with make-up. And as a young lady I would love to look young.

For the log purple and pink are the main colors which are considered girly colors. A butterfly is another girly asset. The curve lines represent the playfulness and youth for anti-aging. And the background is pink, which makes it more simple. We just sticked to the two colors – pink and purple to burst out the idea of feminity for our product.

Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
  1. What is your role in the project?

My role in the project was to build up the name for the company. I prepared the powerpoint presentation for the group. I helped our CEO with the company product outputs. I furthered developed the identity of the company through research and brainstorming. In the presentation, I guided the reporter.

Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
Courtesy of Cedric Zabala via
  1. What are the qualities of good visual brand?

First of it must get the message visual brands must be simple. It is a learnt fact and an observed thing that simplicity is the best. When designing, we should never mix or complicate things. We can give out the wrong ideas.

So for this project, we were tasked to research. By using past lessons and conbiming lessons about color harmony, we can get a good output. Chrysalis is a simple logo that says a lot able feminity because of its color and the symbol – the butterfly. The main lesson is simplicity.

  1. What did are your insights/realizations after doing the project?

I realized a lot of things. First, we spent a lot for this project. Another was, I wondered whether would I prefer this kind of project or a written exam. And the other was that I am growing old fast.

When it came to printing out the materials; the stationarys, we almost went past the budget we expected. I thought that, I am studying in a private expensive school and I am paying extra for this midterm project. But I think it is a good idea that the midterm was this requirement. It is a good practice. I thought about growing old fast because, business people work like this. They make these kinds of proposals and it makes me realize that my youth is coming to a close! 😮


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