Illustrator Activites

These are two activities I did with Adobe Illustrator:

1. Abstract: Person falling in a spin


The picture is abstract. Before like back in high school, I used to draw a person falling down in a spiral in my notebooks; and my sister would comment and say its my famous art specialty. For this picture, I used three spirals. I clicked the first spiral and made the spiral yellow and its background yellow. For the second spiral I used violet and red for the spiral line and background respectively. The next spiral I used yellow but violet background. Actually the spiral extend beyond the picture. To draw out the person, I used the brush tool. I used a touchscreen device to get a better figure, by using my finger to outline the body. Then I chose a water brush tool to represent the person’s soul. The picture practically means endless falling. The person is suppose to fall down in fear, although the face looks like a duck.

When I first began, my mind was empty. I did not know what to come up with. So the next day I realized what was going to make; my famous person falling down in a spiral. After making this picture, I realized I can make this art by tracing out from my scratch drawings. This is replicating it. But it was fun trying out the spiral tools. This was my first attempt. I made other improvements of it after submitting on my freetime, its as if I became obsessed with the art! >_<


2. Replicate a Typography


This second activity was to replicate a typography picture as close as possible using the warp, text tool and eye tool. I used Myriad fond for the word TODAY, GOOD DAY, and SMILE. For is a and to I used the Rage italic font. To make the orange badge behind TODAY I used the star shape and made 36 points. For the badge for GOOD DAY, I made a rectangle and two green triangles at the ends. I duplicated SMILE to create the shadow and made it a lower arc. For the 6circles on the two sides I blended them and made it 4 objects and it appeared as 6 circles. When making the below I first tried the pen tool. It did not work out well so I used the arcs and the spirals to create it. For the lowest star I made it also 36 points.

I realized finding the right fonts are hard. And assuming the stars was just what I would call luck! The original picture was pixelated and it was hard to see some parts especially the curve design. And the pen tool did not trace the curve design as I wanted. So I had to try the other tools; the hard. Art is a discipline as my Comm116 teacher said (Mr. Cedric Zabala :)).



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