Illustrator Activites Following a Tutorial

The next illustrator activity we were instructed to make was again follow another tutorial, but this time, we had to submit two outputs. We were given 7 options, among the 7 I tried 3 but accomplished 2 successfully:-–cms-21952–cms-23227

My final outputs are as follows, a pig and a landscape:-

1. How to Make a Cute Pig Face Icon With Simple Gradient Mesh in Adobe Illustrator


The image above is to create a cute pig face using the mesh tool. To make this image I used a rectangles, circles, pen tool, gradient color, eye dropper, brush tool, mesh tool, direct selection tool. The colors I used were peach ,soft pink, gradient black, white, and black. First I made a peach rectangle then put out a black circle for the eye then i pressed Alt + Ctrl and drag to duplicate it. I did the same for the checks, eye glasses, hands and hooves. Then I did the nose; I added lines using the mesh tool. I used the eye dropper to get the peach color and added it to several anchor points of its nose. I did the same thing for the cheeks. But for the cheeks, it was peach in color and I used white to fill several corners to give the satisfying look. I copy pasted the cheeks for the effects above the eyes and below the mouth. To create the nostrils I made two circles, one largest than the other. I reduced the larger one’s opacity below 50% to give the shady effect. I copy pasted the peach glow of the nose to put it below the nostrils, by resizing and rotating. I had a problem with the mouth; I am not sure if the set mouth right. For the hair, I duplicated it 3 times; one low opacity, gradient and normal. I used the pen tool to get the figure of the hair. I did it separately as instructed and I grouped it together.

My realizations for this art is, mesh tool and the gradient are useful to make a glossy look. And following this tutorial was a bit for a problem because I am not familiar with the positions of the tools. Despite the difficulty, I found it fun to do this because it look nice. It is also about having practice to be able to create better artworks.

2. How to Create a Flat Grayscale Cityscape in Adobe Illustrator


The image above is to create a cityscape just like how architects may do so.  This I used rectangles, circles, path finder options. The colors I used were different shades of grey and white. To create the image, I had to make each building separately. So I followed the instructions on how to make the first house. I connect the rectangle with the roof rectangles by Adding Anchor Points. I put a square a sent it backwards for the chimney. To make the door I used the rounded rectangle, and erased the lower part. to create the stairs which did not work out as I followed the instructions, I used alternative line rectangles colors, arranged behind the other as the lowest one is to be seen the most part. I duplicated the door for the windows, and added a rectangle below them. I made a shadow effect here. I used Offset Path the value to -1x for the door to make a smaller shape. To make the side shine I duplicated the door and made a 45 degrees darker colored rectangle. I selected all the shapes the used the Pathfinder РIntersect. Then I had to deleted the other part of the 45 degrees outside the door. I did this same method for the windows too. I practically did the same procedure to all the other buildings. For the clock tower I copy pasted the grocery store roof on to a triangle by Make Clipping Mask. I made each building separately then put them together. For the clouds, trees, leaf i followed instructions. For the road lines I just laid out thick lines for the lines since i began to lack time already. To make the road I put together rounded rectangles of a dark shade, just like the tutorial. To make the car I used a two rectangles, one longer than the other, the Offset Path -1x for the shorter. I used rounded rectangle to create head and back lights.

Honestly, ¬†I did this under pressure. It was kind of hard doing this because once again, I am not familiar with the options of where the tools are. I wanted to make another artwork the¬†Illuminating Digital Cut tutorial as requested as my sister, but I realized I wasted time there because I couldn’t move from the branches step to another step. So I realized, it’s better to stick with you know and have practice with it. I am glad that there were other options available and this landscape really caught my eye. I didn’t have much time to read through how to color them because of the time pressure I was in. So I stuck with the original and submitted it 3 minutes and 7 seconds early after a stressful day! Good to know at least it paid off to my satisfaction!


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