Wrapping up 2015

2015 was like any passing year.  Honestly when December 31 came, I wasn’t thinking of a 2016 the day later. This has some significant events to add up to my life time memories. Like I made to sophomore year!

These are just a few:

  • I officially turned 20 considered an adult. Which my sister hastily wanted me to be mature.
  • I took summer classes for my first college summer – I didn’t like it
  • I spent 7 months with my elder sister. – we practically lived our own lives in outside our room
  • I finally had my boy haircut! It feels good, I had it on October 30
  • I got 4 Fs in my midterm exam for the first time.
  • I got my own DSLR canon 1200D for my photojounalism class.

Despite those negatives that happened, I had people who heard me and helped me out. Like I stopped being part of ROTC (which I initially wanted so bad) for the better good, and it I made a difference in my study life.I’ve had good times, I’ve had bad ones; I’ve done some silly things too. I explored more.  It kept the light in me going. There is one thing I’ll remember from 2015, that the problems I faced in the 365 days, there’s more to come.







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