So close yet so far

It sad how some two ideas cannot meet. Its a bit silly. Their relation is so close; a family, friend, lover or a  co-worker. Its sad how people fight.

When people fight some wants spaces others wants to face it.

Some wants loneliness some wants big company.

When its time to make up for the silly argument.Some might not get the idea that jokes are half meant.

One would ask “are you ok?” Lie and say “I’m alright.” Courtesy is just being polite not honesty.

There are those scars we cannot heal. There are those grudges we hold. What is forgiveness? Is that humane? What is like to be humane?

Survival of the fittest teaches to fight survive. Fight. Why do we fight? Is it in our nature to fight?

In the end, we can never live alone. We all need something to keep us going. The scars will heal with someone with us. We will all come around with someone at the end of the day.

We may be so close yet so far.

Nunez Street, Zamboanga City, Philippines

7 thoughts on “So close yet so far

  1. You could elaborate more on your thoughts by offering some examples. To support your piece. It doesn’t have to be personal, it could a simple disapproval to real world conflicts, so on and so forth.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Mr Francisco. But as the author of the piece I chose to keep the conflict in that manner for readers to reflect on. It is merely a free literary piece. 🙂

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