What I like about Movies 🎥

I am a movie lover. I don’t mind watching the same movie again. Movies has long lived over a century since the Lumiere brothers introduced it in the late 1800s. Anyway here are few listed reasons why like movies.

  • Movies are moving pictures with stories
  • Movies have lessons and moral values
  • Movies give you a sense of geographic location; a glimpse of places you’ve never been to before
  • Movies’ cinematography easily paints the main idea of the author’s idea of the concept for the scene (This is with regards for book film adaptations)
  • Movies bring you to the mood of the movie (if the cast is convincing)
  • Movies give some catchy phrases
  • Movies have musical scores
  • Movies teach culture
  • Movies tell ideas of man or real ideas that ought to be heard (even the disturbing ones)
  • Movies get franchise and remakes popular films because in the end people love it!

So the cycle continues. This may sound vague, but these are my opinions. You may not agree with all that I have to say but the movie industry does well because people still watches movies until today.

There can be more reasons. Perhaps you could share what you like.



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