Even the Smartest Falls

One of the most smartest people I know is reaching his breaking point. He is a book smart, that once I heard him tell his acquaintance that “You know what, it takes me 5 minutes to read an article and another 5 minutes to understand it!” The article here refers to the law abiding article of a country or state or whatsoever.

He is tired of some of the decisions he made in life. A-student from high school (and I believe elementary as well), doesn’t like his life.

He is sarcastic, prideful and sometimes ignorant of others feelings. He can be boastful about his knowledge and he likes to take control but doesn’t like to be controlled (quite unfair, I tell him, which is very annoying if it goes too far). Even though he can be meanie, a*****e, he’s still my friend.

For a masochist(not physically but mentally) kind of person, I never thought he could reach his breaking point. I just realized how we all are just human. Even the scariest bouncer by the club has his bad day.

Knowledge is power but he doesn’t seem to have that kind of knowledge yet. He needs more of the interaction of life knowledge. He’s so much of a book smart not a street smart.


He doesn’t seem to have an aim to life. I write this blog and reflect how important it is to find yourself in the real world. Sometimes I wonder if it is his pride if that is getting in his way. If he doesn’t like defeat, how can you move forward?

Its ironic how Some people can be prideful and at the same time be so kind. Well we all have our soft sides. I’ll tell you this, being friends with this kind of prideful person is very hard.

More importantly, the reason why he is not happy is because he thought the choices he made would be possibly to be done by him. But sadly he is not enjoying it.

We come to that point where we have one decision to make, to push harder or give up.



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