Poem on Perfume

My thoughts on perfume in verse


First scent is longest and worth more a dime,
Everything moves slow in tranquility,
To enjoy the perfume before a crime
Will take it to steal its virginity.

Is it rose; or jasmine or foreign ones?
Or the sweet cherry bursting out her soul?
A lingering bold, valiant fragrance?
It will get old in your sense as dead coal.

It sparks at first then imprints signature,
Best know perfumes are sweet people be, too,
So come soon it is your smell I venture,
The moment is worth living; yes true!

Perfumes are toxic remembrance mind might
Your fragrance I follow without my sight.



4 thoughts on “Poem on Perfume

  1. Hi,
    I’m one of the writers from Into the Wild Night, a few weeks ago, you commented your idea on an adventure. And I’d like to tell you that your idea was used for the third story. I’d like to congratulate you and you will be featured on the blog. I’d like just ask for one piece from on your blog that you would like to have featured on ours.


    Cecily Carstairs

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