Coping With Mid-term Week

Exams was last week: performance getting ready on scale of 1 to 10 = 6.

One of the most unhelpful things I went through was that my eldest sister was questioning my every move, eyeing me like a vulture asking me if I’m studying or not.

Sorry sisssie but I have anxiety problems. I panic a lot. Sometimes I miss my old elementary days where I would boldly say things without fear, but now college has it different.

To cope up with my anxiety,nagging sister and “unworking” brain on my study table I did these:


I made a playlist entitled My DeStress – Whenever I study I play it faintly or loudly at the background to accomplish. Its more soulful, alternative and a bit of dance. My playlist:

Breaking Benjamin – Forever;   The Neighbourhood – A Little Death;  Tove Lo – The Way That I Am;  Tove Lo – This Time Around;  INXS – God’s Top Ten;  Linkin Park – My December;  Muse – Starlight;  Panic! at the Disco – Casual Affair;  Panic! at the Disco – Impossible Year;  Coldplay – Magic;  Robin Thicke – Morning Sun;

My netbook is always switched on – Practically I  browsed and studied like I read the online synopsis for my literature exam and downloaded series.

I lost my first lecture notebook – So much for my clumsiness and thank you smartphones for being my new notebook.I cringe my eyes for the pictured lectures of my classmates. Not a great feeling but I make a few notes on paper too.

My messy study table

I eat unhealthy – I eat unbalance: chocolates, biscuits; I eat the oranges my sisters buy; I drink coffee; I drink green tea. Since Philippines is the rice capital I’ve eaten two rice meals for lunch, it happened twice in the week (in school that was. The carbs!).

I watch series – Well since my netbook is switched on, my phone beside me, some notes beside me, and with an non-progressiveness brain, I watched series. I watched the famous Shadow Hunters episode 1 (felt the like ScreamQueens cast was included) and the anime Cromartie High School episode 1 too.

I did art – Well I did a little vector art on Obama’s face to kill the time when my brain can’t process. I’ve always wanted to do it. And I think I nailed it well although it looks kind of creepy with the pen tool. I’m very rusty with vector art already since my last works was last year March My blog on Illustrator Tutorials on my freshmen year and I hope Obama will be happy with his face.

My reference
My messy study table

I watched a movie – Last Friday my two friends and I watched 5th Wave starring Chloe Grace Moretz. Its a pretty good movie, it gave me a The Host kind of vibes actually and I enjoyed fangirling over Evan Walker played by Alex Roe. Although we were done with written exams but we still had some requirements to do, the movie was a great treat and a calling, awesome way to end the week.

5th wave

Well at least I didn’t die staring into the abyss out of worry. These kept me company- yey! All I have to do now is wait for my results and hope I did well 🙂


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