Checking into Bachelor of Arts in Communications

One of the few things people would say to carry in your backpack when you’re ready for B A Comm is a notebook, a pen, a laptop, and a camera.

Welcome to the media world!

I am a sophomore enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA Comm). It is a four year course granted by the Ateneo de Zamboanga University in the Philippines.

What I love about the BA Comm here in Ateneo de Zamboanga University is that it does not specialize in any particular field of media. It exposes students and gives them the background of every little media channel there is.

Journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, film-making, radio and others are some of the subjects/course offered.

By the time the students reach their third year, they will undergo the OJT(On The Job Training) during summer. Here we can choose whatever field in media we would like to be in. Students go to media firms and present themselves as interns.

What I enjoyed so far were Photojournalism, Advertising, Desktop Publishing, Visual Communication, Film Appreciation and Basic Journalism.

Photojourn: I am not good at taking photos so I wished that I could learn better. Although it didn’t go well because I feel like I expected too much from the teacher and course. But I did improve in my skills.

Advertising: which would teach all about the secrets about advertising and that we could all try it too.

Visual Communication and Desktop Publishing: These two really inspired me to pursue my dream of creating vector art with Adobe Illustrator. I’ve done a couple of activities for my blog already. The featured image of media equipment is my latest vector art.

Basic Journ: The greatest things I learnt in BA Comm is how to write straight to the point. I used to write “going ’round the bush” and with basic journalism I learnt the importance of brevity.

The initial reason why I wanted BA Comm was that I wanted to be a writer. I used to watch CNN and be fascinated and think how I wanted to be like them. But now that I am here my scope has pushed me to believe that I want to be with the advertising field. I want to try out proposals and do things until my future boss may say “Yes. That is what I want!” Sure I have a long way to go.

The greatest misconception of this course is that it is limited to being a news broadcaster and journalism. There were many times my uncle has discouraged me to taking this course. But with the help of my sister, I was able to take by just making my mother say yes.

This course is so full of promise that I wished that there will be great teachers to teach the future generations. I hope great teachers who are willing to inspire students to do more and not let them down. Teachers who have the right to pick up the broken and mold them properly.

Careers in a wide range of Industries for BA Comm

  • Advertising
  • Public Relations – for all corporations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Government and Politics
  • Foreign Services
  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • News media
  • Film industry
  • Publishing industry
  • Performing and Visual arts
  • Education

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