So Shake it off!

Taylor Swift sang so – let’s all do so!

But she must have meant something else particular but I see it as turning things around after a great fall (almost similar though).

We all get through times of down to the dumps. All we hear is the disappointment of everybody towards you.

What do you do about it?

How do you deal the stress?

Don’t yell at others your stress; bad idea. Well I kinda stopped doing that yelling at others (pat on my back, “Good job Dj.”).

I recently made a pun of everything; I find a loop hole to happiness or make life look like a joke as how life had made mine look like a joke.

Its painful to feel the pain after worrying too much.

Everyone is in some part is not going to be happy with what you do.

Maybe you want to drop out because you’re failing, or maybe you start comparing with someone that you deserve better, but then you doubt did you do better to be better? We can fall. We can stop in between and forget our purpose why we keep going but tomorrow draws nearer to the end.

But we still can twist the fun in everything.

I recently I didn’t understand why had I been so positive at everything. Well its exhausting to see the reality of trouble. So I just diverted to talking random thoughts. I am not sure if its my meds getting the best of me (pretty impossible since its been almost 3 years)

We can’t please everyone. At least we can’t let their disappoint get the best of us. Personally when someone lets me down, I’m really down, but why not shake off the stress.

Life can make you see ugliness. I say: Mock life as life mocks you. But don’t hurt others.

Just shake it off a bit.


PS: I apologize I might be a bad adviser but it helped me 🙂





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