Digital Citizenship – Literacy

We reached the 21st century with the achievement of technology at the peek of the first world countries major needs.

The most accomplished tool that has made our lives easier is the Internet. Any one who plays a role in the online world is a digital citizen.You the reader, I the writer is a digital citizen.

The means of learning how to get around the latest information according to is labeled under Digital Literacy.

So now that I myself is a digital citizen and if I to promote Digital Literacy what could I do?

Currently we are aware the vast changes of the world to newer steps to the future, but we need time to comprehend them. Not everyone is at the level of the first world country. Not everyone is willing to keep up with the Johansens. So in my case, I go slow because there’s too much to know.

Under the Digital Literacy element it states that:

“process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology.”

We all depend on the internet to guide us when we do not understand some of the things we do.

As a growing digital citizen, the most I could is share bloggers my reviews on technology or applications. My most favorite sharing I enjoy doing is Adobe Illustrator. Others could be tips on day-to-day experiences.

There’s a tricky thing about thing about teaching. It is not an easy thing to do unless if you are the master of the skill or the field. When I share about experiences I only merely give realizations. A great friend of mine told me “Seek for advice but never ask for the decision.”




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