The Best Critique


I asked my nephew what he thought of one of my typography pictures. I featured it in one of my first few blogs.

ahamedkabeer_activity2 (2)
My Typography of Rise up by Yves

He completely said that is is good and bad. He didn’t like the kite because it looks like a spider to him.

I laughed first and thought maybe he’s just little and doesn’t understand art much. But when I thought about it further: given a situation where someone were to give an opinion of someone’s outfit.

If there was an adult and a child near by who would you listen to for an honest opinion? I thought that compared to adults, kids are more straightforward  while adults might be say something positive.

The best thing about talking to kids is that they are innocent and honest. They would automatically tell you what’s on their mind. Kids also rarely lie.

Adults come from a field of their own principles and liking. Their degrees come a long years of studying what people like and the theories. Adults can judge on experiences and have prejudices.

But at the end of the day, I would listen to the adults- the educated ones because of their credibility. And in the real world its the adults who run it. As a matter of fact, they were once innocent children.

But if still given the chance, I would give time to hear my six year old nephew give his opinion. And some times they can be amusing and remind that life is good to be around children.

And so they say the children are the future.




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