Trying-out Layout Skills

I have been away from blogging for almost a month. But I still did my fair share of checking out the blogs I follow.
If I could sum up what I have been up to for my absence they would be: being a layout artist; covering a new born’s naming ceremony; enrolling for summer classes and volunteering under the communications aid for UfHope for the Philippines Elections last May 9th.
Since I exerted more effort in layout this regarding this endless summer classes, I had fun doing them and going over my PhotoShop skills was great. My relatives asked me to do layouts for earlier April.I did a sample invitation the naming ceremony, a Zamboanga souvenir shirt design, and a graduation tarpaulin.

Just so you know, I’m much of a crammer, so  I did most of them in a rush.

My tarpaulin (5×3)

Everything was a first timer. I did not know the sizes and what to expect. So I had to use a little imagination too.

Lessons to apply:-

 1. Know the person/theme: Baby is a girl, Zamboanga is vinta icon, the school color for the tarpaulin

2. Minimalism – Stick to one shade or one one color scheme

3. Research – Look for pegs/inspirations to guide you

4. Go Traditional (format) – I used a typical font for the tarpaulin the Mission Script

In the end the tarpaulin was the only that was used. For my benefit, I got the experience, to my dismay my effort was exposed, that feeling of satisfaction and hard work after revision of tiny details finally out.
I actually was disappointed to know that the invitation was not used because I was pressured me with his preferences, but in the end ‘the client is always right.’
The shirt design was done in a rush (I know it’s not the best shirt design to pick out) and my aunt left before the printing could be done.
The celebrant of the tarpaulin loved her tarpaulin. Although there is some flaws, but she likes it. She taught it might have been crappy as a fireworks from behind her, and I thought to myself that was something I really really tried to avoid! To be honest I couldn’t have done if no one guided me on the spot.

I am glad I was given the chance but I hope I can learn more from to, because I feel like I have a long way to go as well.


* * *


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