How To Say No

Lets hear those hidden voices. Speak up what you can before it kills you.

I may be weak at saying NO to people asking for my time but it really means no. They need me but “I just cant” or its “not now” or “I’m busy.”
Its like I don’t have my own personal air to breathe.
So sounds like I’m the total villain in the story but im not, because I suffer the unhappiness of saying YES when I desperately mean NO to you. Well I’m lying to myself as well and to the other person too.

What do I fail to say NO to?
Example: if someone keeps asking for your time and you can’t make it; then the annoying part is that they just make sure they can squeeze in your sched book free time e.i this free time is to stare blankly to complain and to contemplate life. If you cant make time for the person, just say no. Because no is no.
But why is it so hard to say no?
The heart is most sensitive thing. Rejection can be the worst feeling.
Although rejection ought to happen in life but from a friend it can be hard. But at the same time they should be used to it.
Well the community demands a lot to socialize but my defense would be I wont be there 24/7. So you ought to find someone as well.

This has been bothering for quite a while.
I would love to hear your thoughts about it. Feel free to comment anything below! 🙂
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3 thoughts on “How To Say No

  1. Sorry if i ever did the peer pressure on you.. 🙂 but when you think about it, that’s one big factor. Peer-pressure. Having yourself to involuntarily please others is just another way getting yourself vulnerable for being exploited and abused, should this keep happening and that it gradually becomes a habit. It is still your right to refuse, reject, and decline, and it’s their privilege they should not demand for when you say yes.

    My workaround: listen, and then make them listen. “Sorry, i can’t”, “sorry, but no.” simple words that may be hard to say. but there’s no other way to it. They should know that there’s only so much you can do, and not all. they ought to respect that of they really are your friends. Being straightforward makes it easier and quick.


    Yeah, i read your blog too. Cheers!

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