What’s cooking: Treat yourself


There is something so special about cooking for yourself especially when you know you need a break from everything. You know your body needs something and all those crazy cravings. And this is how I spent my Sunday evening; I cooked for myself after sleeping on a crazy pattern for the day.

I don’t recognized cooking as my forte. I guess cooking this time is just my remedy to escape from the heavy load of work I have.

It has been a dreadful stressful week and I forgot what it felt like eating homemade. I had been a sinner for fastfood and some carinderia(Filipino eatery of homemade food). But carinderia is still not the same.

The comfort is not the equal essence with that what mama makes and what your flabs cry out for more unburnt fat congested to  add up more to your weight!

There should be an intimate relation especially if you are at your breaking point of stress.

So I wipped my dinner with ingredients that I found in storage: onion, potato, garlic, mushrooms, chili and eggs. I locked myself inside the kitchen and had my phone playlist ready. The Neighbourhood, Tove Lo, Pan!c at The Disco, Arctic Monkeys, and Depeche Mode played on shuffle. In less than 30 minutes I was done.


The thing with cooking for yourself is that you put your personality into it. My personality for food is a spicy touch.

What I enjoyed is that it gave me a sense of comfort despite the heavy load of work I have to do. I am bad at time management, but I hope I can get by soon enough. There is nothing like food to make it great. Coffee to keep us up, hot choco to suite the chilly weather, or ice cream to coop a heartbreak.

Food is great. 🙂


Featured Image courtesy of Kate Hursthouse via endemicworld.com



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