Listen a little more

When you fail to make someone see your picture, it makes you feel “What worth are you to that person? Was there anything that they would listen to you for?”

“Does your opinions matter?”

Sometimes they do, but will they always mean something? Will they change something?

It is the one who prefers to listen and sit down, and drop down their pride and think more.

I failed to convinced someone from making a hasty decision. I practically failed to make the person listen to me as I have heard the person a lot.

I might say I have been the most patient person and giving, but it feels like nothing when you cannot stop the ultimate decision. But patient has its own limits too. It will fade out to coldness to say I don’t care anymore.

I just hope that the word listen will mean more.

Listen… then understand then take action.

It saddens that all I can do is write this blog and wonder who else listens.

Who else listens and learns from listening. This world has people with pride that not all voices can be heard. The stupidest leaders take charge and brainwash with their silly immoral ideas. And sometimes they do not finish their great plans.

I can not even talk properly with peers because sometimes I can not seem to express it right. I programmed myself to listen that the two flow is not working well.

I may say I am a victim of my own blog. I am a victim wherein I cannot even get people to listen to me, what more to listen to myself with what I want to say.


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