I Got Some Ego too

There is no point if the system does not listen to the minority when the minority notices that idiots takes charge. What’s the point of evaluations if they have no effect of being addressed to.

The learning systems of today are controlled by stubborn idiots, and I am sad to say I am an idiot for listening to them and not questioning them. Can I get a room for encouragement to think and not to be owned?

The worst part is that you don’t understand why your idea is called ‘bad’ and it is replaced with another.


courtesy of giphy.com

There is no justification if there is no win-win in the situation. It becomes frustrating especially if it supposed to be replaced with something new. How can I adapt if I don’t understand why.

At grade 3, my teacher once said always ask the question “why?” That way you will learn.

Too much of brainwashing has taken its toll that I have forgotten my initial goal. There was no room for listening to my point of view, but only how the other party perceives it. The other party refuses to listen to the idea but to make it perfect in their eyes. But how is it suppose to be perfect, if the masterpiece was not done by them? I am may be stubborn but I will stand it my way because it was how I wanted it to be.

It’s really upsetting because its like a part of you losses its identity by listening too much or aimlessly following the track of the flow without question.

If only there was better communication and understanding, businessmen, graphic artists wont suffer much losing their goal if only their bosses explained to them why the changes has to go that way. The firm must also learn the point of view of the participant to make a harmonious craft.


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