Hesitate or Decide

via Daily Prompt: Hesitate

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The conscience of a person varies greatly how he would deal with a situation. Making a decision is a common thing we go through everyday. It might not be a pleasant thing especially if we can’t get all the answers we want and need. I personally hate that I don’t have the answers when I have to decide, particularly when I should make it quick. And when decision lies at the tip of my tongue, I am hesitant to even say “Pips I made my decision” – because I am not ready.

We choose between putting our feet down to give in or taking a step away to give ourselves a favour, because – God, I’m only human, gimme a break. In the end its part of changing and growing to a better you.

Recently, I have made the biggest leap in my decisions. I still wonder if I did it right. I bailed on someone that got me thinking deep. I was conflicted to give a chance or just say no. I think I’ve answered my previous blog How To Say No
I’ve hurt them by rejection – I know, but the voices in my head counseled and said that its time I let myself talk.

But in the end, only we can help ourselves. Everyone around us is just there to guide and are not meant to dictate your life. If I choose to hesitate, then its a decision that I am not ready and you may not be ready as well.

I am aware that I am risking a lot, but as I hesitate, I take up the time to not discover more of everything.

I end this blog with this song line from Rev Theory entitled ‘voices’

I hear voices in my head they counsel me, they understand, they talk me.”


*  * *


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