Growing up

The older you get the younger you want to be, but the younger you are the older you want to get. That was the irony that I fished out from my 7-year old nephew.

Eyadh my nephew *he asked for his photo up*























Whenever I talk to my nephew on these ponder questions, I can’t help but always go back to what was I back then when I was a child.

The last few months of my junior year has been nothing but rants of how the work becomes crazy and meaningless or how there is no guidance at some point from the instructor. I would want Peter Pan to bring me to Neverland and show me what its like to smile like a child again.

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The only times I want to be young again is when I feel too much pain and heavy work to deal with. Its when I feel lazy to raise a finger or fidget my feet to move my muscle to working.

I love the responses of my nephew. When I asked him if he wanted to grow up he said yes.

He wants 10 children, to help him around the house. He wants to die old with white hair. He cant wait to grow up to be an engineer like his mother told him to be one to build her a house.

For my side, I told him I wanted to die young because I was tired. I told him I wanted to die drowning because it felt nice. Well I skipped the description where I love drowning because it is peaceful, slowly torturous, and there is a feeling of leaving off all the weight of this world.

Surprisingly his next question was “Why? You don’t know how to swim?”

I said “no, but I know how to float.”

It is very contrasting how an adult as myself see no point in living to a farther extent, while a young child still wants to grow to live his dreams. But as adults, we experience a lot being aware of a lot of things, as for a child they are still in the state of learning and looking forward to making their day exciting as how restless they are.

Adults do enjoy, but its not the same way as children enjoy life. Adults try to be perfectionists that its frustrating that they choose to give up at some point. Children look at creating something as a challenge because they are still a growing masterpiece.

If adults are perfectionists, children are messy learners while looking for guidance to guide them through. They have ambitions that they want to be and pattern after their favorite role models unconsciously and consciously.

But as adults, its frustrating sometimes when we do not always have the answers that we choose to give up. Adults know the truth that there is no platter to save them.

I very much see why my nephew wants to be an engineer because his mother painted him a future and mission. Though its vague, its sounds accomplishing. He wants 10 children to do the house chores because I and my siblings give him the house chores for him to get used to it.

I did mention that adults enjoy. Well, they enjoy attention just as much as children but they don’t get it as much as children do. They don’t get guidance and love when they need it. Its all about growing up on your own and making decisions alone.

This blog is very much all my points. Feel free to poke in your points as well.

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