Samyang Challenge – Accepted!

My classmates and I were thinking of something to do for our class and lo! and behold the famous Korean Samyang just came into our mind!

Image courtesy of


Personally, if you ask me, I loved it! It was my first time trying it. It was sweet and spicy, but with overwhelming spice. I felt numb and deaf. My nose was running, I felt like sweating, but most of all, I loved it.

Fun fact about me, I love spicy!

Aqcuring the noodle pack here in Zamboanga is quite rare and we got really lucky to get the last stock for the provider. Here’s our version of the samyang noddle challenge posted on facebook. Samyang Noodle Challenge

Please support us and by giving your comments and sharing the video 🙂 We would very much apreciate it.

Below are screenshots of the video


I would love to hear it from those who have tried it. And for those who haven’t yet, may be you should try scout for it :))

Happy eating!

* * *


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