Coping the Pain

Remembering and going back to something you looked forward to, is going to be like a little boat hitting rocks and crashing on waves. Too much endurance faced while trying to move forward.

Each time I hear the song Habits (Stay High) by the Sweden artist and song writer Tove Lo, I feel evoked with emotions. Even up to this date after its release. And yes I am a Tove Lo fan.

Resolving to vices to forget the pain was one pain to get by, is just the message of the song. What I feel in the song is the many ideas of seeking escape.

It makes me wonder why do we look out for the vices to comfort us. Why do we hurt ourselves to make us feel better? Why is cutting ourself or taking drugs or indulging alcohol is going to satisfy? How are these habits going to make it any better?

Is rejection going to satisfy negative feeling? Maybe so.

So when the world goes against you, it feels like, we belong to the negative side.

She wants to drink, party, stay high to forget him because it hurts. Remembering him hurts. Although in the back of her mind she feels the pain.

There are simple things to do than isolation and hurting your soul. We all need each other and that is a given. We may be born alone, but we have the capacity to think and reach the potential to be the best of who we can be.

I am not saying that I have never been the ideal person when it comes to being down. I have evoked to loneliness, and shunned people out.

Being hurt makes us look for an outlet to let pain escape.

After I back read the conversation, I just had an overwhelming sadness. Why? Because it doesn’t make sense what he is doing to me. Sometimes I wished it was easier but its never easy. I felt sad because I am frustrated that I know its hopeless trying to understand. Sometimes I feel I just wasted my time and trying make sense out of something but in the end it turns out it will never be known. Or that is how people are; very seasonal.

I hoped for the unknown- that is why I felt sad. I really hoped, so that is what makes me frustrated. Now I’m choosing to let out my negative feeling through this blog.

But some of these coping styles makes you forget and forgetting makes it better. But facing them makes you feel make pain or even cry. And I quote the bridge

Can’t go home alone again
Need someone to numb the pain

  • Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High)

* * *


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