Grad season for you: Tarpaulin Layout 0.2

And once again I graced to do another tarpaulin design for my cousin. The last I did was Trying-out Layout Skills  quite two years ago. Both had the same color scheme:

green – school

white – nursing/ degree


This time I crammed to 6 hours and as much as possible I did not want it look bad or for the sake.

My pegs

I aimed for quality I hope I nailed it. This design was limited to one photo since it was suppose to be a surprise there was no access to her graduation shots.


Graduation tarpaulin Sample
size 3x2ft

It has been a while since I made tarpaulin layouts. With this I experimented a few elements. These elements were attempts to interpret the celebrent as a hyper great classmate (as her facebook posts show). Though i’m not sure the interpretation is even the correct symbolism for who she is.

The elements were:

Old School look for congratulations;    Graduation icons;       the Nostalgic high school font

The Old School look was inspired from the wording of brooklyn. It gives a old school feel. And to give justice to that, I followed the rest of the wording with the high school nostalgic fonts.


The tarpaulin size was printed at size 2x3ft. I feel a little edgy by this design because I experimented on elements on a short time. But may be its for good practice in the work field.



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