About Me

My name Khadija though people call DJ or Deej. My site is called deejayzoobear because that was what I spun up for myself when I was little.

I am half Sri Lankan and Filipino.

I’m not much of a booklover but I accomplished the greatest thing of reading all seven of the Harry Potter series when I was still little.

I love music; alternative, pop, indie, rock, classic, soulful and others.

I am more of a visual person and I love watching movies. For tv shows and movies its drama, horror, sci-fi, thriller, psychological on my top list.

I am very much passionate with my college major – BA Communications wherein my interest breaks down gracefully from the degree. I am into writing despite shying away from books. I do typography art and photography at spare times when inspiration hits me. I have a love for film especially since I have been part of two film productions, one production being my debut film that received nominations and an award in local film festivals. I love the advertising/branding concept to sell something with logic and creativity. I enjoy being a radio DJ despite public speaking scares me.

I love playing video games, be it pc games or xbox or even smartphone.



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