Translating What this mean

via Daily Prompt: Translate

What would it be like to give meaning to everything negative to be something good.

Ask me, I never liked negativity, I always dreaded such that I rant and crack. I wither slowly by every second of the time it has taken of my time. But recently, I chose to accept them and walk forward lowering my rants by taking it to my hands. Regards how much I hate the job, I’m still doing it. Regardless how risky the job is, I am still taking it. Regardless how I am dying slowly inside, I’m still taking it. But yes, I still do my fair share ranting.

These tasks are all at school. Some of these tasks are creatively-mind exhausting, where some were long time dreams and some scares me as it is at a 50-50 percent chance. Regardless, some makes me feels accomplished when it gets accepted and approved yet I know, there is a long way to go.

But I am still not able to translate this negative tasks given to me. They’re all coming at one go, and time management is the key to open the door to success. But in my case, I don’t use the time management key, I try hard barging the door of success by cramming. Practically I mean, I don’t know how to time manage.

A few days ago, I was hallucinating because I have been sleep derived. I thought the corpse stuff toy hanging on the wall was dancing as I lay on the bed thinking of the long day.

Could this all mean anything any better?


One for a fact that, I should get used to this – well I’ve always reminded myself that, but being in these shoes are quite the royal pain to get by. But I at least I feel at least I am doing doing something and being productive. Although on the downfall its stressful and I have to juggle other tasks properly.

So I could translate these negative slaps as productivity. :))


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